At In Caring Hands we:

  • Always put the service user first;
  • Ensure that all service users have a Care Plan that is centred on them and improves their quality of life and well-being;
  • Wherever possible, with high quality care, maintain service users within the community;
  • Ensure that service users’ Care Plans are regularly reviewed to ensure that the care package provided is aligned with any changing needs;
  • To provide a continuity of care with carers being dedicated to specific service users, so that a relationship of trust and understanding can be fostered;
  • Ensure that service users’ personal needs are met by the appropriately qualified staff member, ensuring the best quality of life;
  • Ensure that the service users rights are respected at all times;
  • Have a right-to-reply for all service users, addressing concerns in a timely manner;
  • Have a high level of safeguarding for both service users and staff.